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Creating a more sustainable and reliable power grid

FlexGen designs and integrates battery energy storage solutions and the software platform that is enabling today’s energy transition.

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Our Expertise

We turn batteries on and keep them on

We deliver utility-scale battery storage projects integrated with traditional and renewable power generation and armed with HybridOS™, our best-in-class energy management software.

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HybridOS™ EMS Software

FlexGen’s software and digital controls platform enables the monitoring and control of any Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and works with any brand of hardware.

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HybridOS™ Analytics Software

Optimize performance, minimize downtime, and maximize asset lifespan and revenue with near-real-time views of key metrics. Plus get AI-fueled predictive insights and maintenance recommendations.

FlexGen turns batteries on and keeps them on
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Pre-Operational Services

Get energized faster by leveraging our deep relationships with top hardware providers and our expert one-touch commissioning and integration process.

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Lifecycle Services

Our battery experts can provide day-to-day support to monitor and optimize your system operations, guarantee its performance, and safeguard the long-term reliability of your assets.

Who We Serve

Battery storage for some of the most technically demanding organizations

With over 12 years of experience, our energy management software and services are designed to be modular and scalable, allowing for capabilities to be tailored according to any use case.

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Independent Power Producers

Optimize operations, reduce costs, and strengthen the reliability and efficiency of energy production.

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Improve energy management, cost savings, and support for sustainable energy initiatives.

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Enhance service offerings, improve project economics, and support the transition to a more sustainable and reliable infrastructure.

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Municipalities and Co-ops

Communities benefit from elevated energy systems' reliability, sustainability, and efficiency.

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Achieve cost and environmental benefits with improved grid management, superior reliability, and renewable integration.

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Critical Infrastructure

Support environmental and economic goals when energy resiliency, and operational efficiency is secure.

Our capabilities

Partners for all aspects of battery storage management and optimization

Our strength is our our flexibility. The combination of modular software and services, FlexGen can meet you where you are in any phase of your battery project and help navigate the ever-changing complexities of modern energy landscapes to ensure optimal operations today and in the future.

Energy Management Platform

Best-in-class energy management system software for high-performance management of energy storage sites & fleets of assets.

  • Hardware-agnostic for battery energy storage systems
  • Instantaneous monitoring with web-based controls
  • Fully configurable for your unique use case.​
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Advanced Battery Analytics

HybridOS Analyze™ remote monitoring and analytics proactively evaluate equipment condition, maximize availability, and provide operational insights for optimal productivity from energy storage assets.

  • Near-real time stats of key metrics and data visualizations
  • Digital Twin performance index ensures optimal output
  • Proactive recommendations and underperformance alerts
Screenshot collage of HybridOS Analyze charts and graphs

Pre-Operational Services

FlexGen designs, procures, constructs and integrates the ESS project for a turnkey solution.

  • Battery testing in our state-of-the-art Innovation Lab
  • HybridOS™ energy management software integration
  • Commissioning of the project site and client training
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Lifecycle Services

FlexGen’s Lifecycle Services team can monitor, maintain, and upgrade your systems to ensure the integrity and longevity of your assets.

  • Remote Operations Center (ROC) provides 24/7 monitoring
  • We proactively manage interconnected project sites
  • We keep your assets performing at their peak
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The right people with the best technology

  • Turn batteries on faster
  • Maximize asset performance
  • Extend the life of your assets
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“You're not picking technology or capex. You're picking a partner.”

Over 12 years of experience in energy storage

We have a proven track record and deep understanding of US energy markets.


Projects completed

We’ve completed over 100 energy storage projects in 6 countries.


Megawatts operating in market

We have over 6.5k MWh installed or contracted as of early 2024.


Hours of battery runtime

Our systems affecting capacity, flexibility, revenue generation, and reliable backup power.


Uptime in 2021 Texas freeze

FlexGen provided superior trading performance and critical services when they were needed most.


The leading energy management software delivering speed and performance

Unleash the full potential of your battery energy storage systems with FlexGen’s best-in-class energy management system and analytics software.

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Real-time data flows for informed decision making

The brains behind your battery energy storage plant. Enables the full suite of control modes, active protection, stacked use cases, and maximum availability.

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Sync actions across multiple project sites

Manage and optimize your fleet of energy storage projects on a single platform. Enable virtual power plants and advanced coordinated market functionality.

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Continual performance improvement

Remote monitoring and analytics to proactively evaluate equipment condition, maximize availability, and provide operational insights for optimal productivity.

Screen mockup of FlexGen's HybridOS Control software
Laptop displaying screenshot of HybridOS Coordinate software
Laptop displaying HybridOS Analyze fleet dashboard