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The leading energy management software

Get seamless management of charging and discharging patterns, optimizing energy storage deployments for maximum efficiency,

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Best-in-class energy management system software for high-performance management of energy storage sites & fleets of assets

The HybridOS™ EMS platform delivers reliability and performance​ with the fastest response times in the industry.

Fully configurable for your unique use case​

HybridOS™ is a hardware-agnostic EMS platform that enables multi-source and multi-site energy management for peak BESS performance with instantaneous monitoring, web-based controls, and automated APIs.

Support your entire BESS ecosystem

The HybridOS™ software platform is designed to be modular and scalable, allowing for capabilities and features to be customized according to each unique use case.

Total Site and Fleet Control

Manage one site, or a fleet of sites all on the FlexGen HybridOS™ platform. Continuous data flow means you will have up-to-the-minute information about your project’s performance.

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Customized Interfaces

Controls for every use case

Tailored for a variety of use cases, your controls can adjust to meet your needs.

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ESS Block

The ESS Block software feature set offers a basic yet effective solution for powering small-scale sites that do not require energy to be supplied back to the grid. Users can easily manage their energy storage independently with battery controls.

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The Storage software feature set comes with standard controls that are ideal for small-to-large-scale applications that offers a comprehensive solution for managing one or multiple sites and includes a variety of grid interaction capabilities.

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The Merchant software feature set offers specialized controls that enable site operators to add lucrative revenue-generating capabilities to their energy storage system, while staying on the pulse of market rules and requirements as they evolve.

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The Renewable software feature set, offers site operators the ability to control their storage + solar power systems with close oversight on their renewable energy production. PV and wind hardware can be controlled, maximizing revenue potential.

Industry Leading Expertise

Compatibility without boundries

Get unmatched responsiveness that redefines speed and efficiency. HybridOS™ delivers a reactive signal faster than any market requirement.

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Adapt to any droop requirement

Be it frequency, voltage, or power requests – HybridOS™ enables you to handle multiple demands simultaneously in the marketplace and enjoy unlimited stacking capabilities.

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Compatible with any hardware

Our software harmoniously works with any hardware that sends or receives a signal. Whether it’s a battery, solar array, wind turbine, cabinet door, or fire alarm, HybridOS™ effortlessly connects with any infrastructure.

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Tailored to your unique needs

HybridOS™ allows you to effortlessly meet site, hardware, and regulatory-specific requirements, providing complete flexibility over your software configuration.

Advanced Energy Management Platform

Discover the extensive advantages offered by the HybridOS™ Energy Management Platform for your energy storage project.

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Battery Control

Remotely control and adjust charging and discharging patterns, set performance parameters, and respond to real-time grid conditions.

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Asset Optimization

Maximize financial, operational, and environmental effectiveness of energy storage deployments.

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Performance Management

Gain predictive insights and leverage preventative maintenance recommendations to optimize system performance, minimize downtime, and maximize the lifespan of your energy storage assets.

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Power Dispatch

Unleash the power of your energy storage system with advanced features for safe operation, optimized energy usage, load management, and improved power quality.

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System Safeguards

Set protection limits at the point of interconnection (POI) to control the flow of energy.

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Grid Stabilization

Ensure a consistent and reliable power supply, optimize grid performance, and safeguarding sensitive electrical equipment from voltage and frequency fluctuations.

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Site and Fleet Scheduling

Strategically manage your system’s charging and discharging based on energy prices, grid demand, and renewable energy generation. Available at the Site and Fleet level.

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Revenue Optimization

Optimize your ESS and capitalize on revenue opportunities, production validation tools, and revenue check meter for precise measurement with deviation insights for proactive management.

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Fleet Management

Save time with multi-site oversight and control with our fleet-level dashboard, enabling real-time dispatch and easy access to performance insights.

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Renewable Integration

Generate and deploy clean, sustainable power while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on finite fossil fuel resources.

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DC Coupled

Coming Soon. Capture higher efficiency, faster response times, simpler configurations, and compatibility with various renewable sources plus enable better control of energy flow and reduce overall losses.

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US Market Participation

Energy storage system owners can access financial opportunities by contributing to grid support and regulatory compliance.

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At-a-glance control for your entire fleet

FlexGen’s HybridOS™ energy management system brings your battery energy storage system to life and coordinates your fleet through a unified interface.

Fleet Scheduling

View day-ahead dispatch, plan charge & discharge schedule. Charge during the low-cost hours & discharge during peaks.

Local Compliance

Monitor asset performance. Comply with state & federal incentives. Regulate health of the battery to maintain maximum availability.

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Creating a more sustainable and reliable power grid